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This is Wonk number 12, Bojack, exhibited at Burgh House and Burning Nest, the UKs equivalent to Burning Man Festival.


This Wonk includes high quality fabric from suits, offcut fur from recycled textile sellers, and left-over velvet from community art projects. It is stuffed with reclaimed furniture stuffing. 


This Wonk is approx 80cm at his largest.


Wonks are cuddly sculptures made from found and reused materials. Wonks are playfully dedicated to a squasher wonkier world, full of wellness. They are made without a plan, not worrying about straight lines or edges, and instead concerned with bringing joy. A call to stop denying pleasure for the sake of perfection, each Wonk is unique. 


Wonks were born at Open School East, and exhibited at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, House of Annetta, Burgh House and The Lab E20.

    Wonk #12, Bojack

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