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Freeing Our Words (Den III-c)

Mixed media installation, Newham Word Festival, The Lab E20, 2023


This project looks at sound healing and vocal activation as methods to remove the barriers caused by trauma and aid recovery.

The immersive installation used recordings and soundscapes made from sound healing and vocal activation workshops, and featured a live sound bath by Katya Blackledge. 

A soundscape made following a vocal activation workshop with Molly-Anne Chinner was played in the space and can be heard here.

Freeing our Words
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Collective Nature

Textile installation, Burgh House Artist in Focus group exhibition, curated by Sophie Richards and Trisha McCauley, 2023

What’s in My Home (Den II-b)

Mixed media installation, group exhibition part of RAEBURN’S ‘Regenerative By Design’ programme, The Lab E20, produced by RÆBURN and Young Craft Citizens, 2023


A reconfiguration of Den III-a for RAEBURN'S ‘Regenerative By Design’ programme, telling the story of the material journey's and material innovation happening in London to deliver new low-environmental-impact textiles. 

Solace (Den II-a)

Mixed media installation, Rosetta Arts group exhibition, The Lab E20, curated by Trisha McCauley, 2023


Lottie occupied and created a den throughout this week-long group exhibition, made entirely of found and recycled materials. An accompanying public programme had the local community create textiles that were incorporated into the den.

House of Wonk

Mixed media installation, Whitechapel Gallery’s “Nocturnal Creatures” festival, part of a residency at the House of Annetta, 2022

Scaffolding (Den I-b)

Mixed media installation, A Place of Safety group exhibition, The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, curated by Jemma Channing, 2022

In this exhibition about mental health treatment, "Scaffolding" continued Den I-a's exploration into the support needed to be "well", and provided a safe space for visitors to reflect and respond.

Mixed media installation - I don’t have a clue but neither do you.jpeg

I don't have a clue but neither do you (Den I-a)

Mixed media installation, Open School East group show, curated by Angelica Sule, 2022

A den to read "Beanbags and Breakdowns", an artist book about making a beanbag and having a breakdown.


Gentle Power 

Group exhibition, Poplar Union, 2022

Curated and exhibited in a group show exploring perceptions of strength, asking what inspires the strength to challenge norms.

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