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Playfully dedicated to a squashier, wonkier world of wellbeing, WOnks are protest pillows/beanbags/cuddly toy-like sculptural hybrids made from 100% reused and reloved material.

They are made without a plan, not worrying about straight lines and instead concerned with bringing joy. Each WOnk is a unique call to stop denying pleasure for the sake of perfection.

FAVFAV (1)_edited.png

Reframing “mistakes” and “imperfections” they are an embodiment of a disability justice/mad pride aesthetic, a catharsis to the harshness of existing in a neurotypical ableist society, made by an artist who is too tired to line up seams or sew straight lines. 






WOnkS are an act of resistance and self-care. They are also completely joyful, fun, weird, wonderful, and beautiful.

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